Predicting fresh vegetable harvests

We collect crop data in the field and use smart algorithms to monitor each individual plan and vegetable. Using this highly detailed information, we're delivering forecasts you can build on. This benefits everyone: from farmer to retailer.

Get a grip on harvests

Growing fresh vegetables is a real art. It's a complex process in which growers dance with nature. The optimal time to harvest and resulting yield has always been difficult to predict. VanBoven radically changes this. 

Insight in the moment and yield of vegetable harvests is crucial to growers, traders, distributors and retailers. Small field samples and gut feeling used today have shown to be bad harvest predictors. This drives costs for all partners in the value chain. 

Not enough time to harvest? In worst cases, perfect vegetables remain unharvested - leading to food waste and missed revenue. By applying predictive insights VanBoven prevents all types of waste. 

Uncertainty leads to high costs

Food waste

How do we do this?


Regular in-field data collection

As a grower you're collecting the required data. Obviously, that has to be fast and easy. VanBoven offers a smart drone system which can be deployed with a single push of the button - mapping an entire field effortless. 


Every plant (and vegetable) is analysed

Our custom algorithms identify every individual plant within a plot. Dimensions of both the plant as the head or crop are accurately determined. The result: accurate insight in the available head or crop sizes within a plot. 


Developing a growth model

We combine measurements with results of previous measurements to track the growth of every plant, head or crop. Next to that, (hyper)local weather data is added to the dataset. 

Data-driven harvest 



Based on this data we predict the optimal moment to harvest and expected weight of each individual plant, head or crop. This insight is the basis for an accurate harvest forecast at the level of a plot, company or even product types. 

For who?

We can help growers tracking the growth of their crops. With this you can determine the ideal moment and process of harvesting. We're specialised in broccoli, lettuce and various types of cabbages.

We support sourcing departments by delivering accurate harvest forecasts. We aim to deliver a solution that seamlessly fits in your existing workflow and operation.

For seed breeders, testing grounds, agricultural employment agencies and other service providers we do tailor-made projects. Do you require accurate measurements of plants, heads or technical expertise? Get in touch.

Growers of fresh vegetables

Distributors and processors

Agricultural service providers


We're hiring!

We're always on the lookout for talent to grow our team! Check out our current job opportunities for full-time positions, thesis- or internship assignments and side jobs. 


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